Two Word Jumble Solver Found Here!

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Another cool tool for our friends!  This one required a different approach for us, but it was fun to implement and use.

Jumble Solver For Two Words - now find two word sequences in any combination of letters.  Unscramble two word anagrams without a hassle.

This tool was different from our other tools.  Not only we were challenged to find one word in a combination of letters, something we had done before, but then we had to unscramble the remainder of the word.  Our traditional search approach was so adding so much time for the second word that we had to adopt a different answer when looking for the second word and that changed our initial game plans for using the same algorithm to look for more than two words.  To our frustration, a solver that looks for three or four or more words will take more time to work out.  

While we are still looking for ways to turbocharge our ultimate multiple word finder algorithm, please enjoy our two word jumble finder and have fun!

Boggle Solver Is Here!

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Finally, one more addition to our Word Game Solver suite.  

Boggle Solver - find all Boggle words lickety-split using our easy-to-use Boggle Solver.

To implement the Boggle Solver, we had to change our game code to handle multiple-letter tiles as demanded in Boggle, for example 'Qu' time.  In fact, our enhanced word game solver engine can now handle any specialized dictionary alphabet with any of our games.  Just think, in Hungarian Scrabble there are TY, ZS, LY, and other multi-letter tiles -- they can all be supported in any of word search tools now!

The only thing we are missing are more scrabble dictionaries.  If you have a link where we could download one, please use our Feedback form -- yes, I know we are still working on the form itself, but it will be up soon!  Thank you again for using our tools!

Italian Scrabble Dictionary Added

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We just added the Italian Scrabble Dictionary to our word game solver and anagram maker site.  All of our word search tools can be used with this new dictionary.  

Zinga - Italian Scrabble dictionary

Official Italian Scrabble Words.  Zingarelli 2005.

This dictionary contains 584,983 words.

Launching New Word Game Solvers

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Fastest anagrammer and word finder web site got even better!  We just added several new word game solvers.

Anagram Solver - make anagrams faster using our anagram finder.

Hangman Solver - the ultimate hangman word search tool.

Jumble Solver - unscramble words faster in just one click.

Word Dictionaries For Our Word Game Solvers

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As we launched our word game solver, we started off with three initial dictionaries.  As we continue, we will look to add more word dictionaries in time.

TWL98 - American and Canadian Scrabble dictionary

The American dictionary, based on the Official Scrabble Players' Dictionary.  Used in North American and Canadian tournaments.

This dictionary contains 169,092 words.

SOWPODS - British Scrabble dictionary

Based on the OSPD and Official Scrabble Words.  Used in the World Scrabble Championships in the British and in the Australia, New Zealand, Malta and Emirates tournaments.

This dictionary contains 216,553.

ODS3 - French Scrabble dictionary

L’Officiel du Scrabble.  Used in the World Scrabble Championships in French.

This dictionary contains 364,370 words.

Welcome to Two Tails Anagrams!

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Thank you for coming to our word game solver web site.  While we were developing a fast word search algorithm, we wrote some game solver apps to help us validate our work.  First it was the Text Twister Solver, then Scrabble Solver, then Crossword Solver, and then more.  This was tremendous fun working on the gaming apps for our word search and anagrammer algorithms and so we decided to release our program to everyone.  Have fun!

Please follow us on Twitter and Facebook.  Send us your feedback.  Recommend us to your friends.  We won't bother you with annoying spam, but we will periodically send out news about new game solvers and any feature updates.  

We realize that this word search algorithms has valuable business uses.  If you would like to make use of our functionality in your product, please send us your proposal using our feedback form.

These word game solvers are published on this site for personal entertainment use only.  While we have tested them extensively, we provide no guarantee of results whatsoever.  If you experience any problems, please send us your feedback.


Change Solver Dictionary

  • American and Canadian Scrabble dictionary
    Name: TWL98
    Words: 169,092
  • British Scrabble dictionary
    Name: SOWPODS
    Words: 216,553
  • French Scrabble dictionary
    Name: ODS3
    Words: 364,370
  • Italian Scrabble dictionary
    Name: Zinga
    Words: 584,983

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